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Known as a young entrepreneur from Indonesia, Tyovan started his tech company when he was still 17 years old. With more than 15 years of experience, Tyovan has succeeded in developing his tech company such as Vemobo, Bahaso, Edumo, etc.

At a young age, Tyovan was also trusted by the President of Indonesia to develop his “Presidential Information System” for reporting and coordination.

The public recognizes Tyovan as an expert in business and growth strategy, strategic partnership, product management, cyber security, and innovation management, especially in the tech industry. He is also known as a growth hacker expert.

Tyovan is also often invited as a speaker to talk about entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, and youth. In his spare time Tyovan also doing side project as a musician

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Tyovan is one of the super-achieving young founder in ASIA

    Rebecca A. Fannin
    Rebecca A. Fannin

    Technology Writer & Author of Tech Titans of China

    It was great working with Kak Tyovan. He is such a good leader. He trusted me to build and develop my own team. He has encouraged me to do beyond my limit and made me who I am today. He is very good at networking and maintaining relationships.

      Siska Indah Pratiwi
      Siska Indah Pratiwi

      Communication & Engagement Lead at Tokopedia

      In places where laypeople would only see problems, Tyovan sees opportunities for growth. His visionary leadership, exceptional ability to connect and maintain relationships with important stakeholders and key figures, and openness to his team members and subordinates, were crucial in establishing a firm foundation for Bahaso, a startup I worked for under his leadership. It was a pleasure collaborating with him.

        Sarah Audri Brigitta
        Sarah Audri Brigitta

        Business Continuity APM at Traveloka




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